• The fascination of magnesium

    Magnesium is one of the most common elements found on earth. The significance of Magnesium is reflected in its diverse biochemical functions. It plays a significant role in the human organism, in plant metabolism and as an important component of the earth’s crust. In nature, Magnesium can be found in the form of Dolomites and sea salt. Electrolysis, based on salt from the sea, and a silicothermic production processing Dolomite are two methods used to produce Magnesium.

    ALMAMET primarily produces high-grade Magnesium products using pure Magnesium ingots with the chemical analysis: Cu 0.02% max., Fe 0.05% max., Mn 0.01% max., Ni 0.001% max., Sn 0.01% max., Pb 0.01% max., others 0.05% max., Mg 99,90% min. Products and raw materials made of high-purity Magnesium and Magnesium alloys can also be supplied upon request.The chemical industry uses Magnesium chips to produce organometallic compounds. In ALMAMETs laboratory the reaction process of various types of chips are tested and optimized under various conditions, to produce the optimal shape and chemical composition for the custumer.

  • Applications:

    – Fine powder and alloys for pyrotechnics, e.g. MGP 0-100 (pdf)

    – Medium-fine powder as a component of welding electrodes, e.g. MGP 100-300 (pdf)

    – Powder made of Magnesium alloys for the production of refractories, e.g. ALMGP 0-300 (pdf)

    – Granules for hot metal desulfurization and the production of cored wires., e.g. MG 99,9 (pdf)

    – Hot metal desulfurization, e.g. Mg90 (pdf)

    – Turnings / raspings for the chemical industry, e.g. MGS 35K (pdf)