Calcium carbide

Calcium carbide

Technical Calcium Carbide with a content of approximately 80% CaC2 is produced in an electric arc furnace. CaC2 is obtained from the chemical reaction between burnt Lime and Coke in the arc at 2,000 to 2,200° C. The molten Calcium Carbide is tapped into molds, left to cool and then crushed and processed.

– CaC2 serves as the starting product for the production of Acetylene, which is chemically processed into polymers or used as welding gas.

– The reaction with nitrogen results to the production of Calcium Cyanamid, which is used as a special fertilizer or as a raw material for the Cyanamid chemistry.

– It can be used as a reduction and desulfurization reagent in the iron and steel industry.

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