ALMAMET quality management

  • Quality management

    ALMAMET committed itself to implement a quality assurance system in line with the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

    Its objective is to improve the control over quality-related work processes to manufacture only products conforming to specifications and so avoiding complaints. Clear instructions and procedures aim to provide a healthy and safe working climate. This includes employee satisfaction in the work place, which is an important prerequisite and a declared goal at ALMAMET. Both, the company and its employees commit themselves to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in the occupational health and safety sector. ALMAMET also takes on environmental responsibility to ensure that the environment is a place worth living for future generations.

  • ALMAMET expects its employees to meet the requirements of the quality management system and to continuously strive to enhance its effectiveness. The system sets, communicates and evaluates quality goals. The success of the system relies on the staff and partners of ALMAMET working together professionally and reliably.


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