ALMAMET history

  • History

    ALMAMET GMBH was founded in 1983 by Ing. Eugen Wieser and Alexander Rhomberg. The goal was to produce Magnesium granules for the iron and steel industry cost effectively and to produce traditional Magnesium based products for the chemical, welding and pyrotechnical industry. Alexander Rhomberg has been ALMAMETs managing director ever since the company was founded.

    In 1985 the first products were manufactured at a newly built production plant (MME) located in the European part of Turkey. Today the plant has a capacity of approx. 12,000 tons/year.

    In 1986 an office was opened in Istanbul.  At the same time ALMAMET’s first blending station in the Ruhr District went into operation.

    In 1993 ALMAMET installed a second blending plant for Lime/Magnesium blends, introducing them to the European steel industry.

    In 1994 ALMAMET’s activities expanded to Eastern Europe and the CIS.

    In 1995 the Swiss Minmet-Group took over Eugen Wiesers share of the company. A production plant for the manufacture of hot metal desulfurization reagents on the basis of Calcium Carbide was taken into operation.

    In 1997 the joint venture SZD between ALMAMET and Solikamsk Magnesium Works, a Russian Magnesium producer, was founded, in order to produce desulfurization reagents on the basis of Magnesium.

    In 1998 a modern blending plant was purchased to expand the activity and capacity of ALMAMET in the Ruhr area.

    In 2002 the Indian market of hot metal desulfurization was developed.

    In 2003 a subsidiary in Baotou, China was opened.

    In 2004 the joint venture ZMR between ALMAMET and EVRAZ Holding, Russia was established.

    In 2005 the Chinese office of ALMAMET was relocated to Beijing. In the same year a production plant opened in Romania.

    In 2006 ALMAMET inaugurated “Tianjin Magnesium Industry” in China for the production of Magnesium granules and blends.

    In 2007 ALMAMET Ukraine was founded.

    In 2008 ALMAMET established a lime treatment plant for desulfurization and sinter Lime on the premises of Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (HKM).

    In 2010 ALMAMET USA was founded.

    In 2012 ALMAMET India Pvt. Ltd was founded.

    In 2013 ALMAMET celebrated its 30th anniversary.

    In 2014 all ALMAMET locations worldwide are now certified in accordance with ISO 9001, following the certification of the subsidiary in Ratingen.

    In 2015 MME (Magnezyum ve Metal) in Turkey becomes part of ALMAMET Group.

    Today, ALMAMET supplies all western chemical plants, steel plants and other industries using its products, and is exporting to Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Africa, India, North- and South America and the CiS.

    The sale of desulfurization reagents containing Magnesium climbed from 100 t in 1985 to over 25,000 t in 2014. The sale of products containing Carbide or Lime increased to 60,000 t.

    ALMAMET’s product line includes fine powders, chips, granules as well as blends containing Magnesium, Magnesium alloys, Lime and Calcium Carbide.